Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


Computers and Internet

By the blind, for All

My research is to find a way to detect meaning changes in revision in a multi author environment. Most authors think is for them but what has always been part of my design is to make it easier for the vision impaired to participate in collaborative writing. Vision impaired limits mobility and we are human, we are social being. I strongly agree with him, Design with the blind in mind, is a universal design. The awakening moment, before I was diagnosed with RP, it never Cross my mind designing with the blind in mind.
I thought I will not have the mental strength when losing so much of my sight, instead this “last” stage, I am the most courages. Have you ever tried making a hot drink with your eyes shut? 10 years ago I thought learning Braille will be the hardest, today I think learning to live when I am blind will be hardest. I am slowly learning, is alright to be vunerable but is not alright to give up.



I realised my codes cannot link back to the sentences I extracted earlier after alignment. Most of the time, I just code without proper planning #learnfromOwnMistake. So, now I am going to think of the data structure. Now learning how to use Map in Java and how to link to arrayList, maybe I don’t need this. I am slow but I will put effort to get there! Go ping2

I read somewhere, not sure how far is true, New generation of programmers, don’t really get the architecture or more of like be bothered about it. Java has evolved so much that we no longer worry about memory space, speed, etc. the fact remained. Get the basic right!!! I used arrayList before this. This is a good site to give you a basic comparison between set, list and hash map:

I realised I can do simple things to optimise my code. I work with sentences, where the order of the sentence is important. What I did was numbered the sentences and manipulate from there. Before this I used to compare sentences, grab sentence before, etc, too much memory and slow. Simple thing like number the sentence in integer, works wonder. 


18 Little Things To Start Doing Now If You Want To Be Ahead Of Everyone Else In 10 Years

Yes! You can program even if you are blind!

I found these sites and you guess it right, I am doing a computer science course!

Is really not easy coming from a poorer country and to be blind.  You have my respect:

More discussions here:

When things are tough, I will think why not just give up since the future is bleak?  I had been to a university in Malaysia and now in Melbourne, you can really count the “number” of people with special needs!  I really hope is not because of the lack of opportunity but just need some special training.  I am almost done with the first part of my computational model!  System AND Goal!  Visualise the happiness at the end of a hard journey!  Go Ping2!!!

System: Learn to perserve

Goal: Link the T / H to the earlier alignment results

I will regret not because I didn’t meet your standard but because I didn’t give my best

I got the revised sentences working but the T and H, not so easily solved.  Mood: happy

Next goal: try with semantic similarity?

System: how to capture text that is useful to compare the meaning?

My reward for getting 1 small part done, longer run!!! ūü§ď

Zoom In!

I was asked to use Latex and I really put the effort to learn.  The font of the editor is so small so I decided to use ShareLatex because is web-based and I can enlarge the font.  Then my supervisor, “unintentionally” asked why are you using ShareLatex?  It is online and I should not share my thesis with anyone at all till finalisation.  I was being emotional that week because I saw a blind man with his dog going up the tram and when he went off the tram, as the tram moved away, I saw him trying to find the button of the traffic light.  After almost 10 years of knowing I have RP, I thought I have build up strength to “accept” my special condition, I have to admit, I can’t!  I am not living in denial, is just that is hard to “accept”.  Because I cannot “accept”, this post will be dedicated to software that can zoom in and will be updated over time.  I was in one of the conference on disability awareness, this guy that has prosthetic leg and goes out to teach bus drivers how to handle people with special needs while holding a full time job as a lecturer in Engineering school, proudly announced, we will be “disabled”, is just a matter of time!  I personally won’t go till that extreme, because I know older people, who still have good vision and able to handle a lot of everyday life chores well.  The key take away, developers out there, please remember, technology should be for everyone!  Build that Zoom In!

Latex Editor

Miji recommended me TeXStudio for Windows, easy adjustment to Zoom in

I myself explored TeXmaker for Ubuntu.  You need to Option->Configure!

ShareLatex – web-based

Text Editor

Microsoft Office – not limited to text processing


Control button follow by + button

My biggest headache now, Java IDE

this is part of my nerd series!

i m now attending semantic tech and web workshop.  the spearker, Dr Sheng-Chuan.  he was borned in hk, raised in taiwan, did his phd in the states and now travelling between often betwn states n europe 2 work.  how he ended in msia working with mimos on semantic tech.  Dr Sheng-Chuan: we go 2 school to learn how 2 learn!  he was talking on how msia is very different from other counter in the sense that we r liberal islamic country.  It is quite impossible for any country in the world 2 copycat another silicon valley

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