I realised my codes cannot link back to the sentences I extracted earlier after alignment. Most of the time, I just code without proper planning #learnfromOwnMistake. So, now I am going to think of the data structure. Now learning how to use Map in Java and how to link to arrayList, maybe I don’t need this. I am slow but I will put effort to get there! Go ping2

I read somewhere, not sure how far is true, New generation of programmers, don’t really get the architecture or more of like be bothered about it. Java has evolved so much that we no longer worry about memory space, speed, etc. the fact remained. Get the basic right!!! I used arrayList before this. This is a good site to give you a basic comparison between set, list and hash map: http://www.java67.com/2013/01/difference-between-set-list-and-map-in-java.html?m=1

I realised I can do simple things to optimise my code. I work with sentences, where the order of the sentence is important. What I did was numbered the sentences and manipulate from there. Before this I used to compare sentences, grab sentence before, etc, too much memory and slow. Simple thing like number the sentence in integer, works wonder. 


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