Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


Food and drink

Chocolate cheese cupcakes

I love chocolate and cheese but I don’t really like sweet things, I am such a complicated woman! Haha

I tried the recipe: Chocolate cheese cupcakes, but I changed castor sugar to raw sugar, reduced a little, the white sugar I changed to 1/4 brown and the rest raw sugar but instead total 1 cup, I reduced a little bit. My version looks nice and I love the bitter sweet chocolate cake with warm cheese!

The recipe taken from 3MinuteTV, brackets with modification

1 1/3 cup plain flour

1/2 cup cocoa

1 cup sugar (1/4 cup brown sugar 2/3 raw sugar)

2 tsp baking powder

Pinch salt

  • Mix the dry ingredients above

1/2 cup vegetable oil

2 eggs

1/2 cup milk

  • Mix the above into the dry ingredients mixture

1/2 cup milk

  • Mix the milk with the muxture well, till smooth

Separate bowl,

225 g cream cheese

1/3 cup sugar (raw reduce slightly)

  • Mix the ingredient till smooth

1 egg

  • Add to the cheese mixture and mix till smooth

Muffin Tray, put in the paper cups and add in 2 spoons of chocolate mixture, 1 spoon cheese mixture and 2 more spoons of chocolate mixture. Repeat

Preheat oven, 180 degree, Bake 12-15 mins



“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

I told a friend I want to run Brisbane 1/2 marathon. Lisa never run a single marathon before, not even 10km although she constantly jog. She said she will accompany me and off the two ladies to Brisbane marathon!

1st stop, brunch at Le Cirque Fine Foods, Southern Cross before heading to the airport. My brunch was average but Lisa’s food was better.

We have never been to Brisbane before and never stay in Airbnb, so we decided to stay in one in Brisbane. Kate, our host, her place is really nice and neat, is at George street, so really near the CBD and of course, Brisbane 1/2 marathon starting point.

We decided to make our own dinner at Kate’s place. Yummy fresh food, Beef steak, broccoli, mushroom, tomato and onion and yes, butter, and of course, red wine.

The next day, I randomly bought a Groupon. We decided to walk to the place. Along the way, we had fun taking photos.  We searched for the cafe and guess what, this cafe is right under the Brisbane eye! The food was really good, Champ kitchen and bar. Lisa ordered the champ’s breakfast while I had wild mushroom and spinach.

 After the brunch, we walked more to collect race packs. So from George street to grey street and now walking to Park street. After collecting, we decided to walk back, from park street, we walked  all the way  to queen street. While searching for a toilet, it became an adventure. We thought we found a toilet at the Milton train station and guess what, it was locked! But the train station has nice graffiti. 

The wrong route caused us to be late for our next appointment with my aunt. Rushed and finally met up!

Aunt Lydia treated us Pig and whistle. My pork pie is really not nice but others are not bad.

We were off for dessert at Passion Tree Velvet, yummy

Aunt Lydia is forever cheerful and she is a very strong lady. 

That night, we decided to only eat yogurt for dinner. The next morning, thanks to Kate, we had cereals and milk before heading for the run.  And is all running after that!

We made it!!! Lisa you are good. For a person that never run a 1/2 marathon, you completed below 2h30mins. Go girl!

Before we headed back, we stopped at Taro’s Ramen. Delicious! We ordered the fire ramen and kimchi pork rice. Is near the central train station, where we took the Airtrain to the airport.

Thank you Brisbane, Lisa, Lydia, Daphne and Kate! Not forgetting Alex, she purposely went to the city to bring me home in the evening. 


Positivity is not being optimistic when things go well but positivity is when things don’t turn the way you wanted but you are opitimitic it will be right. 

Asparagus, leek and mushroom omelette risotto


I made asparagus, leek and mushroom frittata but because I don’t have a broiler, when I transferred it to the baking glass, it ended up to be omelette. And last night I really felt like eating risotto. The left over leek, I fried it then added the risotto and chicken stock. Once the risotto was almost done, I stirred in the “omelette”. The taste is wonderful

Yogurt, Lime and Cilantro Chicken with Veggies

Go buy a bunch of coriander from the grocery, harvest it and plant.

The harvested coriander leaves, or cilantro, try this recipe.

My aim is to use as many natural ingredients, “recycle” and the recipe has to be easy and delicious: 1 pot wonder, less washing!

Modify from:

The modifications:

  1. I used Greek Yogurt instead
  2. Cut the potatoes, carrot, green beans, red onion and tomatoes, squeeze in lime and sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper.
  3. Put the marinated chicken on top of the veges and bake.

All ingredients are natural except salt and yogurt!

Fish Porridge at Yeow Kee Kopitiam

What so nice?  The porridge taste, fresh fish, comes with black beans separately for you to go with the porridge.  The location: 101 Premier, Kuching

Penang Re-visited – Kuching Girl on the Run @ Penang Bridge

I had always wanted to run penang bridge.  When I found out that the run starts at 3 am, that did not stop me!  =D  I asked Miow Chin is the bridge lighted?  haha, she replied, of course!  I should have re-phrase the question: is the bridge lighted brightly enough for me?  But I had decided, the run must go on!  =D  I have never met Miow Chin before this in person.  Ngee Bang introduced me to her and since then she has been my online friend.  She offered to let me stay at her place.  She even put effort to pick me up from the airport and took care of me all the while I was in Penang.  I was especially touched when the race started, she guided me.  When I am confident to run on my own, I asked her to run off to catch up with her friends.  She even turned back to check on me when the road was too dark.  Thank you very, very much Miow Chin.

I ran slowly.  The truth, I am not afraid to fall but I was worried I might crush into innocent runner.  When both are running and if we crush into each other, the fall will be a very painful one.  I was the want that wanted to run despite the fact that I knew my weakness and if I did accidentally crush into other runner that will be me purely me being selfish.  I think I kind of understand the whole ego-centric thing felt by the disabled: you really want to proof to yourself you are able.  Between personal best and avoiding accident, is really not worth the effort at all if someone is injured.  My worries when running on deem light:

  • When I want to over take runner, I did knocked into a guy.  It was just a small friction, I apologised and the guy was nice to actually ask if I am ok?
  • When I stop for drinks.  After the drink, I would need to throw the bottle or cup at the side.  I actually accidentally threw a bottle and a cup, I thought there was no one but I didn’t realised there is actually runners running towards there.  My deepest apologies.

It rained so heavily, when you run, the rain seems to be poking you right at the eyes.  But I really enjoyed running under the rain!  Hehe, the run must go on…

I clocked in at a really terrible time.  hehe, a good reason to do 1/2 marathon again with TNB at Borneo International Marathon.  I 1 2 clock in a below 3H!!!!!!!!

Before I actually took the plane to Penang, Lee Sia SMS-ed to ask me when I will arrive.  I told her.  Then later she told me, she actually wanted to pick me from the airport and not because of her husband stopping to meet his clients.  Lee Sia and her hubby was really nice to drove all the way from Sungai Petani to bring me to their place.  I had a wonderful sleep over at Lee Sia’s sis place.  The house was really huge and the price was amazing lo.  Hehe, must set a target to get a place of my own so I can invite my friends over at anytime at all.  The first place they brought me was Queensbay Mall.  Then we drove to a place at Sungai Petani to have Thai food.  It was dark so I can’t really see but I know it was quite a remote place.  Once you enter the eatery, there is a man made lake with waterfall.  The tables and chairs are all made with wood.  Due to car sickness, I didn’t really enjoy the food.  Such a waste.  We had fried pregnant, tom yum seafood, fried wish deep in this thai sauce and vegetable.  When I was in Sungai Petani, for breakfast, I had pan mee the dried type with a bowl of vege soup and egg.  Lee Sia drove me around to see the town.  I had a really good time catching up with Lee Sia and even though her kids were really active, I had a good time with the kids!

Miow Chin took me out to dinner.  That is when I realised, Penang is different than when I visited about 7-8 years ago.  The kopitiam is actually cleaner.  There I tasted oo chien, curry mee and char kuey tiaw.  The curry mee was nice.  Then Miow Chin said she needs to get a present for her friend and off we went to Queensbay Mall – second day in a roll.

The next morning, we went to pick Sam from the Chew Jetty; the set for Ice Kacang Puppy love.  I had never watch the movie but the place give me a nice feeling of olden days of peacefulness.  Along the way, boats parked neatly at the side of the jetty.  When we reached till the end, the view of the sea and sky.  I really like the place.  I will definately want to go back there.  I was introduced to Sam and sitting with her was a big uncle.  He is a funny uncle telling us about his mother being in the Ice kacang movie and how they witnessed the shotting of the movie and he even showed us his wedding photo.  Sam took the train from KL and walked to the jetty to enjoy the sun rise.  She had walked around Georgetown, visiting the old architecture, art studios, observing the morning life of Georgetown and of course, knowing the people there.  We went to a nearby hawker stall where we ordered two bowls of bak kut teh, cha kuey tiaw and hokkien mee mix with lo teng.  Then off we went to Georgetown.  I love the British era influenced architecture with the mix of local feel.  We parked at Little India and we walked to the temple.  There we continued walking to the mosque before entering an art gallery.  The next art gallery, I am particularly attracted to the glass art.  What I liked about the second art gallery, inside the shop, in the middle, when you looked up, you can actually see the colonial influenced windows.  The design was in such a way that in olden days there was no aircon and by placing and open area in the middle of the shop, will give a cooling effect to the shop.  Then, as we were walking back to Miow Chin’s car, a particular shop attracted Sam.  A shop offers courses to preserve the traditional art like wood carvings, embroidery, rattan weaving and etc.  I was particularly attracted to the ead shoes making.  I think I might actually be able to squeeze some time for that next year to make my own beaded shoes =D  The shop basically linked those who want to learn all these art to the masters that are willing to teach them.   The next stop, Queensbay Mall.  Hehe, three days in a roll.  There I met up with Ing Fei.  We had a good chat but we all need a good sleep before the run.  Off I went to find Miow Chin them, there at the branch of an Indian shop we visited earlier in Georgetown.  I tried the roti nan and thandoori chicken and learned a new phrase from Miow Chin, ‘element of hiawness’.  Lol.  I did get some sleep.  I woke up 1030 pm, showered.  Miow Chin and Sam were busy eating and I had a bun and a box of milo.  I am really not get used to eating before run.   Hehe, while I was running, my stomach was gruelling.  Hehe, 1o0 Plus to the rescue.  They gave out bun but that time it was raining cats and dogs and I really do not know how the runners can actually eat!  Before flag off, I was introduced to quite a few of Miow Chin’s friends.  Unfortunately, for those that I met only then, their look will remain in faint memory as it was too dark to actually see clearly.  It was nice meeting all of you.

We waited for Sam.  Despite the fact that she didn’t really get sleep the night before, with the thunder storm and marathoning for 7 hours, she was still in high spirit.  We had wantan mee and penang laksa.  Off we went back to have a good sleep.  I got to meet up with Vivien, Perly and Vi’s mum.  Vi and Perly had to catch the bus so I had to find a place to meet Hong Poh.  Guess what?  I asked Vi’s mum to drop me at Queensbay Mall because that is the only place I know!  Hahahhaa.

I would love to go back to Penang again.  Riding bicycle and re-visit Georgetown and of course, Chew Jetty.  I would have to say Penang government did a good job preserving the colonial style architecture.  I might be slow but the Penang Bridge Run is worth it 😀  Born with dark blindness is not a weakness, it is pride you need to overcome.  What cannot kill you makes you stronger 🙂

Daun Kari

We had dinner @ Daun Kari, 3rd Exchange, I had nasi beryani kambing n daddy had beryani ayam.  Drinks: Teh tarik kosong!  not bad!  but i 4got 2 take photo!


I love teh c!!!  so much that i m addicted to it, so when i came across lipton’s milk tea Gold, i was like, i must try!  i bought home n it was really dissapointing, they added the tea mate which have that syntatic smell Image004, my mummy still make the nicest teh c
another great dissappointment, so dissapointing that i dont even bother 2 take the photo!  Famous Amos Chocolate chip cookies @ Boulevard, my daddy used to buy for me whenever he was in kl.  I bought 200g of macademia and dark chocolate.  when i brought home, mum tasted, she was like, it’s not as crunchy as it’s suppose 2 b then it’s not as nice smell, mum actually commented that the time she was at boulevard, the cookies actually doesnt smell as nice as those at kl, u know when u reached a certain mall, then when they are baking, wah…  the aroma smell, but the 1 here, dissappointing

All in a day’s food ;) kiss

hehe, so tired now after eating so much
i woke up feeling heaty so i had 3 slices of pamelo
mum pre-heated 2 chai kueh, 1 with salted vege n the 1 is the normal 1, did had the time 2 eat bcos dad chased us 2 go breakfast outside
First eating stop: Food Avenue, 4th mile:
my dad had his usual Singapore Mee Siam, i hv to admit, not bad, i wanted to take photo but my hp was at home charging
then my hiaw mum had been telling me how nice the taipei stall wanton LOOKS big n delicious, so she ordered a wanton soup, both of us shared, the soup is salty, u can actually taste the light soya sauce taste but the wanton not bad, they put carrot in it, then i bought a yu cha kueh, 1 for RM0.50!  i had 1/2 the rest mummy ate, then hiaw mummy hoh, said the lui cha LOOKS nice, so she tapau a packet so we can have that for lunch, the lui cha not so nice dont try
hehe, when i reached home, i finished my cha kueh
then i finished the not nice amos chocolate chip cookies
i had this really yummy mangoes, the mangoes wasnt ripe, so my mummy seasoned it with salt n sugar, no point i took photo of it bcos u must taste it!
mummy bought All Joy’s fried popia, must eat with tabasco sauce then nice
haha, that is only till lunch
i hope i wont eat anyting till porridge 4 dinner, and mayb some fruits

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