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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey



Yoga Revolution by Yoga With Adriene

I try to do yoga most days, I actually feel yoga is helpful.  What I hope for yoga is to bring yoga “off the mat”.  There is a lot of yoga practises like breathing, posture, etc we can apply in our everyday life.  Healthy lifestyle is not just eating healthily, your environment, stress level, you happiness, including your interaction with everything around you.
Most morning I will practise Yoga with Adriene and recently I decided to follow her Yoga Revolution:
I am losing my eyesight, called off my engagement, struggling to finish my PhD and yoga revolution to my rescue.  What I did other than yoga revolution: wrote down my off mat experience for my PhD.  I need to preserve, lots of grit till I finish!
1. Practise Ease – feeling comfortable with research
2. Practise Intention – I want to learn new things, self learning
3. Honour Practise – it is an honour for the scholarship
4. Prana Practise – bring life to your work
5. Practise Rhythm – one software at a time
6. Attention or abs Practise – pay attention to details
7. Stability Practise – emotionally stable to face your committee
8. Practise Serenity – at peace with your work
9. Empower Practise – empower those that are scared of PhD
10. Thoughtful Practise – be thoughtful, everyone goes through some hardship
11. Align Practise – align your thought and research aim
12. In Sync Practise – in sync with current research
13. Practise Opening – open your mind and heart to new ideas
14. Forgiveness Practise – forgive yourself, pass research experiences
15. Fearless Practise – don’t be afraid of being good in research
16. Sweet Practise – taste the sweetness of accomplishing small tasks
17. Practise Stillness – the stillness of research road block
18. Balancing Practise – balance research and discussion
19. Light Practise – when reaching a road block, do light reading
20. Practise Peace – be at peace with everything
21. Practise Strength – have the strength to continue on
22. Gentle Practise – be gentle with yourself when you can’t think
23. Discipline Practise – discipline with writing
24. Practise Patience – have tonnes of patience in research
25. Root Practise – always return to your root
26. Creativity Practise – try something new in your research
27. Self Practise – is all about yourself
28. Heart Practise – put your heart into your research
29. Truth Practise – always seek the truth in your research
30. Intuition Practise – trust that instinct!
31. Practise Presence – is now!  Everything is as it should be
Thank you Adriene and her team and of course, YouTube!

Writing the last lap

I am currently writing my thesis, having my first full draft out, I came across this video:

How to Finish Your PhD Thesis in 6 Months Even If You Have No Idea What To Write

The advice about just write.  I am going to share my experience with all you.  I attended not once, not twice but thrice thesis bootcamp.  What is a thesis bootcamp?  Is a camp where you just write!  Was it useful?

Yes, to a level.  I got my chapter 3 done and bits of pieces of everything.  I will share with all of you what I wish I knew then.

The advice given by The Scholarpreneur is helpful but when science is involved, a slight more things need to be done if you have not completed your experiments.

This is what we are taught:

What I feel is missing from that flow is guessing the outcome even before we start the experiment in order to be able to write about it.  This is what you should do before we start writing when your experiments are not complete:

The good thing about just writing, force yourself to look at your work and how everything connects to each other.  You will also realised if there is any missing experiments.  What you need to do here is make sure you mark that part up, continue on writing and running your experiments.  Once you have the results, just fill them in!

Once you force yourself to write and the first full draft is out.  I have this problem.  My supervisors give me feedback and I am back to square one, the writer’s block!  What???!!!  You wrote 100 over pages and yet when the feedbacks come back you get stuck???!!!!  Yea with innocent look *-*

I am going to share my method with you.  It works for me, I am not sure if it will work for others, but hey, you are stuck, no harm trying!

This is what I called the bullseyes!  If you know how bullseyes target is one round after another till you reach that red dot!  Read the feedback by your supervisors, see if the part is related to other parts.  If not, read that section again, if you need write it out in point form, like you will write a point when reading a textbook or paper.  Draw a mind map, by this stage you should be able to see the connections with the various part already.  Improve on the mindmap if you are to improve on that part, then write or revised based on that mindmap!  Once you are done with that section, same approach, move the the next feedback your supervisors have given you!

The most important part here is not to loose the momentum.  Once you live what you write too long, you will have harder times picking it up but hopefully with the bullseyes target, you will be able to connect things again!

Yes, you can get another person to review your work but part of the skills you need to build is criticising your own work.  In a PhD, you can be as detailed in your experiments but you know your experiments so well, every settings!  When you write it down, everything seems to be have been “understood” but not your readers!  Read your own work, Attack! Attack! Attack!  Continue on with the mindmapping so you don’t get lose in 100 over pages but improve on your own writing.  Not an easy skill to pick, but if a skill you need to pick to move as a researcher!

You know you have done the first full draft, procrastination kicks in! Is time to count the days! Read this:

All the best to myself, I hope I can finish the 2nd round in 4 weeks time.  Keep pushing, dont give up, you come so far!  Only those that persevere gets it done!

Fight or leave

I read an article this morning that Strong Women Leave.  I understand that article because if you are trapped in a bad relationship, you must be strong enough to leave.  I am stuck again in my PhD, I cannot get the installation of the software to work even after trying hard for 2 weeks and my due date is so close.  My supervisor pointed out, is because I do not understand the basic concept of build.  I strongly agree, before this I have no idea what is a Maven and Ant, not to mention a checksum.  I wish I can pretend to know, but neh!  Not my style.  I cried because I felt disappointed with myself.  Then suddenly I realised, even if I cried, I am not going to give up.  There are things you just don’t leave, you fight!

This melts back, there is no such thing as prefect relationship.  Some are just not worth fighting.  I will not go the level that strong women fight because I am not even close to being a strong woman.  However, if you feel it is worth it, cry, keep fighting, enjoy the whole process.  Ah, now I feel so much better voicing this out!

Saying goes, seeing is believing, does this means losing sight is disbelieving?

Join me on a roller coaster ride to disbelieving… hmm…this sounds like my PhD.  I am now transitioning from an independent life, doing my PhD full time as a foreigner in Melbourne to back in the hometown where I came from, where public transport is non-existence and being the “smart ass”  I choose to be avoid the unwanted from happening, I stop driving!  I now reply on my closes family to drive me!  Hell!  I am a really lucky girl!   Haha, this is my “new” life!

Doc said you are lucky if you still have your vision at 40, this year I hit 37! Time is running out! I am trying my best to live the moment! Everything I do is
purely based on the basis, I enjoy doing it!

I used to rent a room with a housemate in Melbourne, woke up, made my own breakfast and take the tram to uni, the sometimes I run home.  Now, I hardly move!!!!  I wake up to  do yoga, my dearest mummy makes me breakfast!  I go to work on my PhD.  PhD??!!! Haha, my committee thinks I am below the standard, but I just continue doing what I enjoy and I have a feeling I piss off a lot of people.  Hey!  Is part of my disbelieving process. After a day in uni, I go home and enjoy my walk or run on the treadmill and play with my three cats!  I still have some believe system, keeping myself active!  I believe that standing healthy, maybe I wont lose my sight that fast!

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