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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey



I don’t hide my Excitement – My 1st ever full marathon Done!

Since the my last 21km last August, I never run more than that because I was concentrating on another thing on my bucket list, my PhD.  Officially, I am done with 2 things in my bucket list, ran a full marathon 5H34mins and ran for awareness of medical research in for RP!  #RPAwareness

If you would like to support my initiative:

Special thanks to Alex for the wonderful dinner, Trista, the amazing desserts and Lisa, for always being there for my runs!  Love you girls heaps!  Not forgetting the lady that gave me Allen Snake jellies!

The run experience, I started with the 4H20min pacers, slowly drifting off but is ok, is my own journey!  I was upbeat till the end, the energy level was good.  I was always running with the 35 years spartan runners!  Another lady, her 200 marathons!  Inspiration!  Then there is those running for cancer.  Most inspirational, almost heading back to MCG, there is this boy, cerebral palsy with his dad.  Everyone was cheering for him, I past him and heard his dad asked him, “Do you want to do this?”  He replied, “yes”.  I turned back and saw his dad said we will do this together, his dad kisses him.  Catching this moment melts my heart.  Things happened for a reason, catching that moment showed me that the hardship I am facing is nothing compared to them.  All the runners I came across, keep me grounded!  This full marathon experience has been a superbly humbling one.

About the run organisation, there is no more energy drink after 21km, and no apple or banana end of the race.  I walked the last 4km, because of knee problem.  Honestly, it didn’t take me that long.  Then my friend said even for 1/2 marathon, no apple or banana end of the race.  I joined the year before and it was not like this!  I am not even comparing to those overseas ones that I had ran before like KL or HK marathon.  Even compare to Brisbane marathon, Melbourne Marathon really need to step up the game! #MelbourneMarathon2016

From a low point to a high point, the day before the race, I was told my dad was hospitalised and my dog died.  I really want to finish my PhD fast and move on to the next stage of my life!  Mentally, the starting part of this run, I was really anxious that I will not be able to finish.  As the run started, I am imagining that Tung2, my dog is free now, the happy old Tung!  Before this he had a stroke and can’t move.  He was a good dog.  Then the later part of the run, I feel I am so lucky, RP has no physical pain at all, compared to other diseases.  I stayed upbeat all through the run because of this positive energy others generated!

“We are too busy to make a living till we have forgotten our dreams or is it that, we are so busy chasing our dreams that we have forgotten how to live?  I thank early detection of RP, you make me realised life is more than chasing dreams.  A simple word: living but extremely hard to balance!”


Massa-gic ball

I did my 1/2 marathon two weeks ago and to help me recover, other than yoga, stretch, rest and eat, nothing fancy, just a massage ball, specifically lacrosse!  This little ball really works like magic. 

The important part here is before this, I had my physio therapist identified my problem, which is my right glute. My therapist is really good, Nicole from Elite Akademy, but as a graduate student, is a “luxury” to go physio! Nonetheless, I am glad I met her. I recommend to try physio which uses the Ridgway method. Generally, therapists can use different approach but this approach tries to identify the root cause of your injury and solve the problem from there. I stopped going but after each run, I know what to do. My case, I just sit on the ball, shift the ball to massage my thigh, I even use it to massage the feet, step on it and roll. Cheap and effective. I found this:


“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

I told a friend I want to run Brisbane 1/2 marathon. Lisa never run a single marathon before, not even 10km although she constantly jog. She said she will accompany me and off the two ladies to Brisbane marathon!

1st stop, brunch at Le Cirque Fine Foods, Southern Cross before heading to the airport. My brunch was average but Lisa’s food was better.

We have never been to Brisbane before and never stay in Airbnb, so we decided to stay in one in Brisbane. Kate, our host, her place is really nice and neat, is at George street, so really near the CBD and of course, Brisbane 1/2 marathon starting point.

We decided to make our own dinner at Kate’s place. Yummy fresh food, Beef steak, broccoli, mushroom, tomato and onion and yes, butter, and of course, red wine.

The next day, I randomly bought a Groupon. We decided to walk to the place. Along the way, we had fun taking photos.  We searched for the cafe and guess what, this cafe is right under the Brisbane eye! The food was really good, Champ kitchen and bar. Lisa ordered the champ’s breakfast while I had wild mushroom and spinach.

 After the brunch, we walked more to collect race packs. So from George street to grey street and now walking to Park street. After collecting, we decided to walk back, from park street, we walked  all the way  to queen street. While searching for a toilet, it became an adventure. We thought we found a toilet at the Milton train station and guess what, it was locked! But the train station has nice graffiti. 

The wrong route caused us to be late for our next appointment with my aunt. Rushed and finally met up!

Aunt Lydia treated us Pig and whistle. My pork pie is really not nice but others are not bad.

We were off for dessert at Passion Tree Velvet, yummy

Aunt Lydia is forever cheerful and she is a very strong lady. 

That night, we decided to only eat yogurt for dinner. The next morning, thanks to Kate, we had cereals and milk before heading for the run.  And is all running after that!

We made it!!! Lisa you are good. For a person that never run a 1/2 marathon, you completed below 2h30mins. Go girl!

Before we headed back, we stopped at Taro’s Ramen. Delicious! We ordered the fire ramen and kimchi pork rice. Is near the central train station, where we took the Airtrain to the airport.

Thank you Brisbane, Lisa, Lydia, Daphne and Kate! Not forgetting Alex, she purposely went to the city to bring me home in the evening. 


Positivity is not being optimistic when things go well but positivity is when things don’t turn the way you wanted but you are opitimitic it will be right. 

Rare Diseases Medical Research

While walking home yesterday, the idea crossed my mind again. Since I am running, why not raise fund for RP medical research? Although I stated here RP because is part of me, in reality, all rare diseases need your support especially in medical research. Is so rare, hardly is money going in and no money means that the diseases will “claim more lives”. I know is not easy in medical research, any research to be exact. My hope is a way for early detection, which gives a way of preparing patients how to handle the disease at a later stage and the detection method is “cheap” to reach to 3rd world countries. Most cases of RP with no family history, only get detected when they are almost blind.  Even if they have the money, sample in medical research can be “rare”. My previous post where I donated my tissue sample and blood to Centre of Eye Research Australia and Australia Inherited Retinal Disease Register and DNA Bank.

To support my initiative:

I would be delighted if you donate for RP medical research but if you don’t, consider donating to any medical research for other rare diseases, something you can place in your heart and be happy about. Most importantly, no matter how small your contribution, there are things that purely depends on you, it always begins with you.

Is easier to give up then to push on

I woke up crying, again, after a few days of stop doing that, worrying I won’t make it. Silly me, very silly. Glad I took yesterday lunch hour to do yin yoga. At the start of the class, the teacher asked, why are you here this Friday afternoon? Listen carefully to your heart and set it your goal for this class. I thought I wanted to “run away” for a while but to my surprise, the little voice came up to me, “To be better” 🙂  I realised my weak mental habit, which I am working hard to get rid: “self-pity”, and the tendency to drown myself in it.

Every year since I am in Melbourne, I joined a winter run at the park and this year falls on this Sunday.  The run starts 730 am and I have to be there at least 7 am to register and is still dark.  I am still hoping my housemate can bring me there, although I can “jog” with a touch light.  I wanted to give up and go on with my programming but something hit me, there are other distances, which starts later, although my initial target was 30k.  “Is easier to give up then to push on!”  I am not giving up!  What is keeping me healthy and upbeat and I believe my eye sight still “retaining”, is because of running!

Enough of talking, you have computational model to build!  System and Goal:

The problem I hit now:
My sentences was not extracted properly

Solutions so far:
Tried regular expression but now sticking 2 BreakIterator

The goal: solve the sentence breaking problem

What I learned:
Lexical matching is crucial in the pre-processing part. What arising from yesterday. could the similarity labels lead me to the meaning categories?  Which leads to my next goal:  Explore how to place the different similarity to the different meaning categories.

Improve my coding and research abilities!

Motivation: I am grateful for the opportunity, why I am still upbeat is not entirely because me, is the people around me, my environment.  After reading the post below, reminder to myself, be a little kinder, if you see a homeless in the freezing cold, buy a cup of coffee  and stop to enjoy the beautiful surrounding.

Malaysian Shares Heartbreaking Post About Friend Who Just Committed Suicide

Another inspirational human being

Determine to do my 1st ever Full marathon!

I am just an ordinary girl with the gift of “blind” sentence but HELL!!!!!!  I am determine to be a best I can be!  I completed my 1/2 marathon after 5 years of not doing the distance.  I completed 2:15:42.

A review of Melbourne Marathon!  The run is a yearly thing and during Spring!  I ran last year and this year but this year the weather is better.  This year it all ends in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).  Yes, you get to feel that feeling if you have seen those big running event where the run ends in the stadium and the runner dashes into the finishing in the stadium with the roaring of the crowd!  Awesome feeling!  Everyone at the Melbourne Marathon 2015!  You did well! 😀

MCG Melbourne Marathon

This is totally out but there are things that I can never understand:

Why healthy people that are so determine to life their lives as unhealthy as possible!  Not exercising, don’t eat well, sit whole day and to top it all up!!!!!!!!  the excuse is they need to work!  But one thing for sure, only when you know you are going to lose it, then you will cherish it!  I hope everyone will cherish their good health and try to maintain it.

I know is not easy to maintain but I must!  GOGOGO!  Full marathon at least once in your lifetime! 😀

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