Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey




“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

I told a friend I want to run Brisbane 1/2 marathon. Lisa never run a single marathon before, not even 10km although she constantly jog. She said she will accompany me and off the two ladies to Brisbane marathon!

1st stop, brunch at Le Cirque Fine Foods, Southern Cross before heading to the airport. My brunch was average but Lisa’s food was better.

We have never been to Brisbane before and never stay in Airbnb, so we decided to stay in one in Brisbane. Kate, our host, her place is really nice and neat, is at George street, so really near the CBD and of course, Brisbane 1/2 marathon starting point.

We decided to make our own dinner at Kate’s place. Yummy fresh food, Beef steak, broccoli, mushroom, tomato and onion and yes, butter, and of course, red wine.

The next day, I randomly bought a Groupon. We decided to walk to the place. Along the way, we had fun taking photos.  We searched for the cafe and guess what, this cafe is right under the Brisbane eye! The food was really good, Champ kitchen and bar. Lisa ordered the champ’s breakfast while I had wild mushroom and spinach.

 After the brunch, we walked more to collect race packs. So from George street to grey street and now walking to Park street. After collecting, we decided to walk back, from park street, we walked  all the way  to queen street. While searching for a toilet, it became an adventure. We thought we found a toilet at the Milton train station and guess what, it was locked! But the train station has nice graffiti. 

The wrong route caused us to be late for our next appointment with my aunt. Rushed and finally met up!

Aunt Lydia treated us Pig and whistle. My pork pie is really not nice but others are not bad.

We were off for dessert at Passion Tree Velvet, yummy

Aunt Lydia is forever cheerful and she is a very strong lady. 

That night, we decided to only eat yogurt for dinner. The next morning, thanks to Kate, we had cereals and milk before heading for the run.  And is all running after that!

We made it!!! Lisa you are good. For a person that never run a 1/2 marathon, you completed below 2h30mins. Go girl!

Before we headed back, we stopped at Taro’s Ramen. Delicious! We ordered the fire ramen and kimchi pork rice. Is near the central train station, where we took the Airtrain to the airport.

Thank you Brisbane, Lisa, Lydia, Daphne and Kate! Not forgetting Alex, she purposely went to the city to bring me home in the evening. 


Positivity is not being optimistic when things go well but positivity is when things don’t turn the way you wanted but you are opitimitic it will be right. 


Is all about experience

If you happen to be in Melbourne and you have never been here, is good to stop by in Queen Victoria Market, a nice market but is more of a tourist attraction.  But if you want something more local, head to the South Melbourne Market.  Before heading there, we stopped by Chez Dre for brunch, a really hidden place.  I love my brunch which is lamb goujons.  Now, what so special about the South Melbourne market?  There are more art works, like a teapot in a shape of bus, storage baskets, house deco, kids wear, lots of pastries and if you are into seafood, go to the seafood section.

Determine to do my 1st ever Full marathon!

I am just an ordinary girl with the gift of “blind” sentence but HELL!!!!!!  I am determine to be a best I can be!  I completed my 1/2 marathon after 5 years of not doing the distance.  I completed 2:15:42.

A review of Melbourne Marathon!  The run is a yearly thing and during Spring!  I ran last year and this year but this year the weather is better.  This year it all ends in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).  Yes, you get to feel that feeling if you have seen those big running event where the run ends in the stadium and the runner dashes into the finishing in the stadium with the roaring of the crowd!  Awesome feeling!  Everyone at the Melbourne Marathon 2015!  You did well! 😀

MCG Melbourne Marathon

This is totally out but there are things that I can never understand:

Why healthy people that are so determine to life their lives as unhealthy as possible!  Not exercising, don’t eat well, sit whole day and to top it all up!!!!!!!!  the excuse is they need to work!  But one thing for sure, only when you know you are going to lose it, then you will cherish it!  I hope everyone will cherish their good health and try to maintain it.

I know is not easy to maintain but I must!  GOGOGO!  Full marathon at least once in your lifetime! 😀

A Long Bus Ride from Kota Samarahan – Brunei – KK

We were all prepared 5 in the morning at the Bus stop in UNIMAS.  By the time we loaded everything in the bus, it was quite bright already.  I am really glad because I got to see the road the bus driver used from Kota Samarahan, cut straight till Siburan!  When we reached Siburan, I was so proud to announce, I climbed the hill before. Along the way I get to see a lot of places I only heard of.  Like Similajau, Maro-Datu, Engkilili!!!!  I used to work as a consultant for the local government and I always come across those places.  I always wanted to go to Batang Ai!  😀 I know the way already!!!!  By the time we reached along Sibu and Bintulu road, for the first time I saw real long houses!!!!!!!!  Not the one designed for tourists.  People that knows me, know, these houses are rooted in my heart even though I had been brought up in Kuching.  We reached Miri at night, straight checking into the Petronas Sports complex.  We shared room with 10 other girls, double decker beds, hostel style.  The 23 girls shared 4 toilets and 4 bathrooms.  Is a really good backpacking experience!

The next day we visited Curtin University.  Is really like being in overseas!!!!!!  Next stop, Bintang Mega Mall.  Guess what Mizan and I chose?  Shashaki!!!!  At Miri, the students told Mizan not to sleep, then they said Miss Ping2 too.  Then I sms-ed Mizan, they want to celebrate your Birthday.  To my surprise, they celebrated Teachers’ day with us.  Haha, I celebrated for the first time, teachers’ day in my pajamas!!!!  Thanks guys very, very much

By the time we reached Brunei, it was all the way – lost!  One very important thing I learned from my wonderful kids, GPS and friend.  hahah, Kenny worried we might be lose again, contacted his friend.  His friend actually drove two hours from KK all the way down to bring us all the way up to UMS!!!!!!  By the time we reached KK, I think it must be 2 am!  And his amazing friend woke up 5 am to drive another 2 more hours then back when we are returning to KCH.  Yes!  We have two amazing bus drivers that is sporting enough to go along with the students even though they do not know the way!  😀  Another thing I learned, under really strict budget, we can find ways and still have fun.  We used to take boats from the Jesselton Point but guess what, there is another ferry pick up point down the waterfront.  Amazingly my kids got me a return boat ride to two islands, for RM25 with life jacket!!!!!!!  Cool kids I have right?  😀

We did a full stretch 30Hs drive all the way back from KK – Brunei – Kuching.  There is still a lot of places I have never been in Sarawak.  My mother land my heart.  I saw 4WDs lined up this morning.  Tawau – Kalimantan printed on it.  One day I am going to have my own 4WD.  Instead of Jelajah Ilmu, it is going to my very own Jelajah Borneo!

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a real taste of Kuala Terengganu

I did searched online regarding places of interest in Kuala Terengganu but superbly old lady Ah Ping, forgot to bring along with her.  I only remembered there is a pasar and the floating market.  Kenyir Lake was too far.  As I reached the hotel, they placed me in a room facing the sea.  I stayed at Grand Continental with a swimming pool but without a gym!  I cant swim at that time so I really missed having a gym at a hotel.  During the hantu AGM I was really lucky because I get to stay at a hotel with a gym!  Since I was travelling alone, so I wasn’t expecting I would get to explore much.  I asked the counter, how to get to the market.  They told me is actually quite far to walk from the hotel so I decided to go with a taxi.  Along the way there I was impressed by the nice waterfront.  The taxi driver stopped me right in front of the market.  I started exploring the market and I saw mango.  I think they thought I was Singaporean, so they charged me really2 expensive.  I got to walked to the hill where I discovered, it used to be a fort during the old sultan times.  I wanted to enter the fort until I realised there is a man following me.  I got worried and left to the floating restaurant opposite the hill.  Lunch was again expensive.  I asked them if the museum was near and they said it was quite far so I continued my journey down.  There I bought some durian dodol to try and continue to walk down the waterfront.  Is really so much better than Kuching waterfront.  I didn’t know how far more I needed to walk so I took a cab back.  All through my journey, everyone was really nice and helpful.  I decided to go to the beach near the hotel.  Behind the hotel, there was a stall.  I was at the beach when the sky started to turn gloomy that is where I decide to go back to the stall.  There I met Fatin, a 9 year old girl.  Her dad is a cook at the stall and she helps up whenever she can.  They asked her to peel onions!  I decided to help her up.  She asked a lot of questions about Sarawak.  She told me she cannot understand how come I am from Sarawak and I am chinese.  The poor kid, she was in tears because of the onions until she had no choice but to go home.  So I decided to go back to the hotel.  I realised Kuala Terengganu gets dark later, so off I went to the stall behind the hotel again.  Fatin was back at the stall so I decided to order rojak buah, ikan panggang and apple juice.  I asked Fatin to eat with me but she said I have to ask permission from her dad.  Her dad said is better we just chat and not eat.  Then Fatin told me, “Melayu and Cina tidak boleh makan sama.  Tidak halal”  I was like “bagaimana tidak halal?  Makanan ini dimasak oleh ayah Fatin”.  If this is what they are teaching in school, the government can stop promoting 1Malaysia instead use the money to train better teachers!  I know a lot of taxi drivers they will find their ways to get you to pay more but this particular taxi driver that drove me from the airport the previous day, he was extremely helpful.  He was so proud that all of his children went to different local universities and all of them are back in Kuala Terengganu working.  That is something I felt happy about.  If it was in Sarawak, everyone will be so proud that their children in working in Singapore.  The driver was so helpful to the level when we reached UNISZA, he insisted that he drove me to the nearest stop to meet my students even though I told him I am alright walking.  Then he was so trusting, I told me I will pay him first when he dropped me off at UNISZA but he said is okay, I only pay later when I need to get back.  On the way back, he asked me, have I seen the new heritage place?  I said no.  He actually drove me to see it and de-route till the showing me the chinatown.  When we reached the hotel, I asked him, how much, he charged me the same price as agreed early morning without the de-tour.

During my visit to the students, Nor Adillah’s sis actually got me freshly made keropok lekor lesung from one of the village.  I think about 20 of them.  I was so touched.  They even go to the extend of wanting to invite me for dinner.  They brought me to the airport beach where we had fried cuttlefish, fish balls and prawns.  They told me they need to go home for prayers and Hidaytus’s mum actually invited me to the house.  Understanding local culture, I decide to get fried cuttlefish and prawns for her mum.  Her house was a really nice kampung house.  Her dad passed away and her mum had to take care of 6 children with the youngest 8 years old I think.  Can really feel the warm of her family, making me tea and rushing out to buy me noodles that is popular in the village.  After prayers the girls brought me for a walk at the heritage place.  They actually wanted to bring me for a boat ride to see Tamadun.  Unfortunately, they didn’t know the exact place to take the boat.  The mosques there is actually very nice.  Then they brought me to eat nasi  dagang.  I must admit, even though I never tried before, but the dagang was really nice.  Is stall behind Hap Seng electrical shop and nearby a chinese eating place.  It was obvious, in Kuala Terengganu, the Chinese and Malays do not mix at all.  This time I am kind of happy I get to experience travelling to the level of understanding their culture.

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