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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


Uni life

The Choice is always in your hand

“Never give up your power to another person” – Oprah Winfrey

I heard that quote before but today I experience first hand what that means.  The idea for a grant came from my brother in law but together with my student we came up with the grant application.  However, due to administrative reason, I had to appoint another person as the leader of the grant application.  Right before submission,  the leader added a lot of people that have no idea of the grant at all.  I understand it was a strategic movement as the grant will “look” as though there is more collaborators from varieties of areas.  Furthermore, if the grant is approved, these collaborators can always contribute later but they too can choose not to contribute.  I am now practising to be authentic, remembering the quote, I stated that I did not feel comfortable adding members which do not know anything at all.  However, it was too late, the grant had been submitted.

Coming from a family where you follow every instructions given to you, I am happy I stated what I felt although nothing can be done anymore.  #GirlCode

Now, I am hoping if the grant did get accepted, all members will contribute 🙂 #BePositive



To stand or Not to Stand?

I need to warn those attempting to try one.  Different people have different heights and is not only about heights, your hand length, basically whole body.  I tried a cheaper version compared to a more expensive one where I can adjust sand and sit.  When I first started, it was not easy to focus, meaning, new programming task, I have to force myself to focus.  After a while, if you got used to it, no standing table, can be pain!!!!

I stopped using a standing table when I got back.  Despite me doing yoga in the morning, taking 5 mins break and jog in the evening, the back pain is terrible when you sit whole day to write!

The key here is not to be the same position all the time.  There is a few 5 mins break videos I like, which do not require yoga mat and purely standing:

My old one, just a cheaper stand, the problem was the monitor to low.  Long term, I did get back pain.  I stop using it.


My new cooler one! 😀  Yes, with the keyboard compartment sliding out and you can adjust to stand or sit!


I don’t hide my Excitement – My 1st ever full marathon Done!

Since the my last 21km last August, I never run more than that because I was concentrating on another thing on my bucket list, my PhD.  Officially, I am done with 2 things in my bucket list, ran a full marathon 5H34mins and ran for awareness of medical research in for RP!  #RPAwareness

If you would like to support my initiative:

Special thanks to Alex for the wonderful dinner, Trista, the amazing desserts and Lisa, for always being there for my runs!  Love you girls heaps!  Not forgetting the lady that gave me Allen Snake jellies!

The run experience, I started with the 4H20min pacers, slowly drifting off but is ok, is my own journey!  I was upbeat till the end, the energy level was good.  I was always running with the 35 years spartan runners!  Another lady, her 200 marathons!  Inspiration!  Then there is those running for cancer.  Most inspirational, almost heading back to MCG, there is this boy, cerebral palsy with his dad.  Everyone was cheering for him, I past him and heard his dad asked him, “Do you want to do this?”  He replied, “yes”.  I turned back and saw his dad said we will do this together, his dad kisses him.  Catching this moment melts my heart.  Things happened for a reason, catching that moment showed me that the hardship I am facing is nothing compared to them.  All the runners I came across, keep me grounded!  This full marathon experience has been a superbly humbling one.

About the run organisation, there is no more energy drink after 21km, and no apple or banana end of the race.  I walked the last 4km, because of knee problem.  Honestly, it didn’t take me that long.  Then my friend said even for 1/2 marathon, no apple or banana end of the race.  I joined the year before and it was not like this!  I am not even comparing to those overseas ones that I had ran before like KL or HK marathon.  Even compare to Brisbane marathon, Melbourne Marathon really need to step up the game! #MelbourneMarathon2016

From a low point to a high point, the day before the race, I was told my dad was hospitalised and my dog died.  I really want to finish my PhD fast and move on to the next stage of my life!  Mentally, the starting part of this run, I was really anxious that I will not be able to finish.  As the run started, I am imagining that Tung2, my dog is free now, the happy old Tung!  Before this he had a stroke and can’t move.  He was a good dog.  Then the later part of the run, I feel I am so lucky, RP has no physical pain at all, compared to other diseases.  I stayed upbeat all through the run because of this positive energy others generated!

“We are too busy to make a living till we have forgotten our dreams or is it that, we are so busy chasing our dreams that we have forgotten how to live?  I thank early detection of RP, you make me realised life is more than chasing dreams.  A simple word: living but extremely hard to balance!”

There is always more to academic studies

Today is #uomopenday. The 1st sem I volunteered and followed a friend to checkout on the colleges, last year I accompanied my cousin to look around academic programmes and today is that time of the year again. The open day is to attract more undergrad and I am in no position to give my opinion on studies as I never do my undergrad here but I can share other things about the Uni, which to me, are important factors:  undergrad is the transition of teenage life to adult life and the other aspects build you as a person. Although I am only talking about my experience, you are free to choose what you enjoy but the general idea applies. My view is from an international student which has never study in other country before except for my home country and now in Melbourne.

Food! (Learn to cook 😉, is a living skill)

Yes, how could that not be in the top of the list! There is pizza place but honestly, not a fan of pizza but that shop has my favourite spinach and cheese wrap in pastry and it is $2.80. During winter, when I walk to my lab, I ll grab one and they heat it up, walking while eating a hot food in winter at that price! The same building, the union house,you get medium size coffee at the chill out bar $3.50. I am a coffee lover, is really not bad. Other than sushi, I love the bento! I love Lot 6, coffee is consistent and the muffins with crumble. Student pricing at its best! Once a week, there is free breakfast of bacon, egg, bread, pancake, cereal, milk, fruits. During semester, occasionally, you can find free lunch. I think I should have place this 1st, the microwaves free to use in the union house!

Volunteering (give yourself the opportunity to be responsible for your surrounding and it seriously don’t have to be about academics or career!)

Yes, My first sem, I actually volunteered for open day 🤓. I volunteered to mentor girls in my 1st semester. Lots of activities line up, as volunteer training is provided too. I volunteered to clean the fridge, coffee machine and prepare for grad students tea time.

Wellbeing (this is just the beginning to take care of the inner you)

I love this but not sure if it applies to undergrad but I would think so there is similar activities. The GSA organised mindfulness workshop and although I was trying it out because before this meditation did not work for me and I am hooked! A meditation believer now! There is yoga too but is super crowded!

Workshops (learn new things, meet new people that is good at what they do)

Leadership and academics skills, both which I enjoy. I love interactive workshops and the Uni is good at that.

Rowden library (what ever knowledge you have, is yours)

What so big deal about a library? There have non academic books, movies, series!!! Yes 😎

Running team (move that body baby!)

Yes, if you enjoy running outside of Uni, there is running team for outside runs like Mother’s Day, melbourne marathon, etc. they provide place to keep your things, snacks. You can even meet students from other Uni because is under the Uni hub. The team can be further improved, such as training runs, meet up, etc

Counselling (sometimes you just want someone to listen)

I used the counselling service only once. It will be unfair for me to rate but there can be room for improvement such as following up.

Little things such as shaded areas, where I can sit and have lunch or read in a good sunny day in Melbourne!

One important point I want to share here is, think carefully what degree you want to do and where you do it. It is not end of the world but some how it pre-determines a lot of things about your future like friends for life, career choice, lifestyle, and to some extend, place to life or work later in life. Good luck and have fun!


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